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Prices for single drivers:

Day price 1.400 - 1.900 euros per person depending on date and week day
23rd of February 2012 and 22nd of March 2012 are special dates for single drivers, who come alone. If you are coming alone, please contact us.

Group prices 6-40 participants: please contact us
email: info(at)juhakankkunen.com

Prices include:

  • Driving training 9am - 4pm (can be tailored to your needs)
  • Professional Rally instructors
  • Full damage insurance without self-liability
  • Towing cars + driver
  • Spare cars
  • Short theory
  • Petrol
  • Lunch at warm cottage next to tracks
  • Transportation to race track & back
  • Support at Ruka / Kuusamo area (dinners, other activites, moving etc)

For group prices please contact us

Participants learn the special skills required for high speed driving on demanding surfaces and in difficult weather conditions; ice, snow, (seldom heavy rain and limited visibility). You will also learn better control of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Basic principles of Sport & Fast driving

    How to control a vehicle in challenging situations
  • Control of a vehicle at high speed, driving on slippery surfaces, driving techniques of 4-wheel drive vehicles, optimal use of electrical car equipment (ESP, ASR and ABS) at high speed
  • Racing driving lines basics
  • Cornering, braking & braking points
  • The opportunity to practise driving on an ice-track and learning the techniques needed for competitive driving in races
  • Targets for each practice session
    Correct use of brake assistance in winter driving
  • Driving at high speed
  • Obstacle avoidance at high speed
  • Emergency braking at high speed
  • Control of over steer and under steer
  • Correct steering technique
  • Correct driving position and without and with ESP steering technique
  • Lots of driving, no queues and lots and lots of fun.

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Training cars

All training cars are Audi and Volkswagen cars, equipped with Monte Carlo type special studded winter tyres.

Key Personnel

Driving Instructors

Juha Kankkunen
Head Trainer

Juha Repo
Harri Rovanperä
Harri Toivonen
Riku Tahko
Anton Alén
Jukka Korhonen
Risto Virtanen
Ossi Lahtinen
Thierry Bouillon
Peter Barnes
Ailu Magga
Stefan Vancampenhoudt
Antti Kumpulainen
Guido Heesen


Sales & Adminstration

Jyrki Hautakangas
+358 500 809 489

Juha Repo
+ 358 50 3055 755

Sales & Co-ordinating

Eveliina Korhonen
+358 400 196 072

Marjo Määttä
+358 40 5640937