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Super Car Programme

Have you ever wondered why the Finns are so successful at motor racing? Now you can find out for yourself with professional instructors showing you the ropes. On amazing winter ice tracks Juha Kankkunen will teach you how to control your car at high speeds and how to negotiate a hairpin bend drifting it with perfect control. WRC level famous Finnish rally drivers will be coaching you one-on-one at all times teaching you the basic skills like the Scandinavian flick and finding the clean lines. For more advanced drivers even up to professional rally driver there are advanced special stages to practice on. During the training your driving skills will advance rapidly and so will the level of cars you drive right up to a Lamborghini.
Sitting around a log fire and talking about cars with Juha Kankkunen and other world class rally drivers is an up close and personal experience you will remember for ever. To benchmark your speed Juha will take you for a spin in his Subaru rally car down small Finnish country roads in speeds that are truly mind blowing!

The itinerary is flexible so you can tailor your visit as much as you want. The tracks are open at all times day and night, but there is a lot to do if you feel like taking a day off from driving. Explore the beautiful winter scenery on a skidoo safari for instance. The safari takes you through snowy forests and over frozen lakes to a nearby mountain on the Russian border where a hot lunch and reindeer skins keep you warm in a traditional Laplander hut.

The journey starts when we come to collect your car and prepare it for ice driving. Driving on ice in arctic conditions is possible with any modern supercar. To ensure your car can cope with the cold weather our two WRC mechanics will carry out necessary checks to make sure everything is fine. Driving high powered supercars on ice requires extra grip therefore all cars are fitted with rally specification tyres with 500 large studs per tyre. These tyres are not standard therefore require a lot of labour to make and are hand made individually for each client car. The mechanics are prepared for almost any kind of supercar and will have your car ready waiting for when you arrive in Lapland.

Driving your supercar on our ice tracks is very safe for you and your car. Even if you do glide your car into the snow banks Juha Kankkunen him self has designed the tracks so that the snow bank takes the impact and cars are simply pulled out of the fine powder snow with out even a scratch on them.

After our stay with Mr Kankkunen and his team we fly back home to be reunited with our cars that will be brought back to your desired address.

You can also experience this amazing event with out a supercar as our Platinum level event. At the tracks we have a fleet of Golf R2, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Porsche Carrera 4 and Lamborghini Gallardo training cars that you can use for no extra cost if you choose not to take your own supercar. Please ask more about both options when booking.

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