Driving Academy / Racing Tracks

Juha Kankkunen Race Tracks in Kuusamo

The specially designed Race Track areas offer excellent and private setting for ice and snow driving. The tracks are together more than 7 miles long and all necessary safety precautions have been part of the planning of the tracks. You can drive fast safely in all weather conditions.

Lunch will be served next to the race circuits in a warm hut. A real rally special stage is found right next to the tracks. There the participants can try their skills as a co-driver of Juha Kankkunen in a real rally car.


The circle

(Powerslides, using the throttle aggressively, steering wheel use)

The oval 

(Powerslide angle, braking, turning, corner speeds & opening)

The eight

(Weight transfer, Scandinavian flick, correct timing)

Straight / slalom

(Speed control, coordination with throttle and steering wheel, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance)

Handling track 1

(Basic training, technical, proactive driving training,

Handling track 2

space for mistakes, braking points, Scandinavian flick,

Handling track 3

controlling over steering & under steering, rhytm changes,

Handling track 4

driving lines, high speeds, slow in-fast out etc.)

Dynamic track

(Hairpins, faster corners, rhythm changes)

The speed track

(Driving training)

Jäärata (Jaarata2.jpg)Maarata (Maarata1.jpg)